Diamond V at 75

Video Series: Diamond V at 75

Welcome to “Diamond V at 75: Immune Strength for Life.” We’re celebrating 75 years serving customers worldwide with a video series for 2018 that highlights the company’s history, current initiatives and goals.

Kevin Corizzo

October: Reporting from World Dairy Expo »

Dr. Bill Stone shares solutions for maintaining profitability in a tough milk market and how to keep Salmonella at bay on the dairy farm; Dr. Ilkyu Yoon weighs in on supporting the cow’s immune system to help drive productivity.

Kevin Corizzo

September: Dairy in Focus »

Dr. Dave Ohman zeroes in on three ways dairy producers can optimize cost-efficient milk production in a challenging milk market. This episode also previews new research and technology at this year’s World Dairy Expo.

Dr. Derek Petry

August: Focus on Aquaculture »

Dr. Serge Corneillie focuses on Asia’s rapidly growing aquaculture industry, including critical health challenges for farmed shrimp. What are key challenges in Asian aquaculture today and what are the prospects for tomorrow?

Dr. Derek Petry

July: Food safety from farm to table »

Reporting from the International Association for Food Protection’s annual meeting in Salt Lake City, host Kevin Corizzo interviews Dr. Evan Chaney, Director of Food Safety Microbiology for Diamond V. What does recent research tell us about how to ensure food safety from farm to table?

Dr. Derek Petry

Spotlight on Swine Health: Antibiotic Stewardship »

Swine health management in the U.S. continues to evolve under the Veterinary Feed Directive with a focus on antibiotic stewardship and reduced overall antibiotic use. At World Pork Expo 2018, host Kevin Corizzo spoke with Dr. Derek Petry and Dr. Karen Lehe. How are pig producers going to stay ahead in a future with less antibiotic use?

Dr. Y.K. Kwan

June: Reporting from World Pork Expo® »

Reporting from the 2018 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, host Kevin Corizzo interviews Dr. Y. K. Kwan, a veterinarian with feed industry experience who provides technical services for Diamond V partners and customers in Southeast Asia. How are new regulatory controls on the use of antibiotics affecting pig production in Southeast Asia?

Doug Reyes - Spotlight on EpiCor

Spotlight on EpiCor® »

EpiCor is the unique nutritional health supplement for humans produced by Diamond V subsidiary Embria Health Sciences®. EpiCor provides support for human immune strength and gastrointestinal health. Doug Reyes, Sales and Marketing Manager at Embria, shares the latest EpiCor research, including recently published clinical studies.

Diamond V at 75 - World Pork Expo Preview

May: World Pork Expo Preview »

In a preview to the 2018 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, host Kevin Corizzo interviews Diamond V’s Director of Swine Business Development, Dr. Karen Lehe. How can producers optimize the baby pig’s natural microbiome to address pathogen challenges and minimize the risk of disease?

Diamond V at 75 - Production Expansion

April: $30 Million Facility Expansion »

Reporting from the expansion site at Diamond V’s south plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, host Kevin Corizzo connects with Executive Vice President Mike Goble as well as Operations Director Pat Manternach and Project Manager Ryan Gusta about the plant expansion underway and plans for the future.

Diamond V at 75 - Beef Spotlight

Spotlight on Beef: More from NCBA »

Reporting from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s convention and trade show in Phoenix, Ariz., host Kevin Corizzo connects with Diamond V expert Dr. Tom Edrington on scientific considerations when it comes to pre-harvest control of foodborne pathogen risks in beef.

Diamond V at 75 - March

March: Reporting from NCBA »

Reporting from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Convention in Phoenix, Ariz., host Kevin Corizzo connects with Craig Belknap and other Diamond V experts on beef research, industry trends, and the benefits of NaturSafe®, Diamond V’s most advanced product for beef cows.

Spotlight on Poultry: More from IPPE

Spotlight on Poultry: More from IPPE »

In this spotlight edition, David Kenyon and other Diamond V experts discuss trends in the layer and turkey segments as well as how the poultry industry can respond to pressures from consumers and regulatory agencies.

Diamond V at 75 - February

February: Reporting from IPPE »

In the second edition, Kevin Corizzo connects with Dr. Don McIntyre and other Diamond V experts on poultry food safety research and consumer expectations from the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta.

Diamond V at 75 - January

January: What’s Ahead? »

In the first monthly edition, host Kevin Corizzo interviews Diamond V President Jeff Cannon. What lies ahead for the pioneer of immune support technology for animals and people?