75 years of innovation

Back in 1943, C.W. Bloomhall started Diamond V with a dream — in his words, “to help animals do better.”

Drawing on his Iowa farm experience and nearly 40 years working in the grain milling industry, C.W. learned that when farmers fed his unique, natural, microbial fermentation product to their livestock, the animals were healthier, more productive, and more efficient.

Seventy-five years later, that discovery remains the foundation of Diamond V’s success.

Diamond V North Plant - Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Diamond V North Plant - Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

We know today — like C.W. knew back then — that our products help optimize animal health and productivity. Now we know that they work naturally with the biology of the animal to strengthen the immune system, support digestive tissue integrity, and promote healthy microbial balance. We also know now that our products do a lot more.

They promote food safety by reducing the risk of pathogenic bacteria in animals and food. They also support “antibiotic stewardship” — the global effort to sustain the effectiveness of antibiotics in veterinary and human medicine.

Now in 2018, we’re on the cutting edge of science that can benefit animal and public health for decades to come.