Quality Assurance

Producing quality without compromise

We do not take short cuts. Ever.

Diamond V has a long history of helping farmers feed people safely and responsibly, and we take that commitment to animal health, animal performance and food safety very seriously.

Science-based and research-proven

All Diamond V products are thoroughly tested and validated with controlled research, including more than 425 controlled research studies and 120 peer-reviewed publications.

Our product research portfolio is one of the largest in the world devoted to a specific product technology for animals.

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Innovative manufacturing facilities

We manufacture all Diamond V products for animals at our highly automated, food grade, manufacturing facilities located in Cedar Rapids. We source the best available raw materials and have full traceability, complete manufacturing control, and optimal product integrity.

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Quality control from start to finish

Our quality control experts ensure unmatched consistency and safety in all products:

  • Each supplier details their internal quality assurance program and undergoes routine audits.
  • All raw materials are thoroughly analyzed in the Quality Assurance Lab.
  • A highly automated, computer-controlled manufacturing process precisely maintains all production processes within tight operating ranges.
  • At critical control points, monitored quality control parameters confirm that all specifications are met in both processes and products.
  • Biological in vitro testing confirms consistency of product performance.

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Expert customer service

We also have high standards for customer service. Diamond V listens carefully to each customer. By understanding and addressing each individual situation, we often find solutions that benefit all customers.

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Diamond V embraces all applicable manufacturing regulations and proudly earns third-party certifications:

Safe Feed / Safe Food

Good Manufacturing Practices with HACCP emphasis

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

Made in U.S.A.

When you’re part of the food supply chain, responsibility never takes a day off.