What We Do

Setting the standard in microbial fermentation since 1943

Diamond V manufactures natural* immune support products that optimize animal health, animal performance, and food safety worldwide.

Diamond V products support healthier animals, more efficient animal production, better pre-harvest food safety, stronger antibiotic stewardship, and improved public health.

Unique technology

Our immune support products are created using a proprietary fermentation technology, inspired by nature and refined over more than 75 years.

Diamond V’s highly automated, food grade manufacturing facilities, located only in the United States, accommodate many types of microbial fermentation, including specialized strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

The bioactive compounds in our products are proven to work naturally with the biology of the animal, strengthening the immune system in many beneficial ways — in every stage of life.

Unique products

Diamond V - Novel Bioactive Compounds

Our products are produced using a proprietary, anaerobic fermentation technology that creates unique microbial-derived metabolites. These functional metabolites are biologically active compounds that provide research-proven digestive and immune health effects.

Our fermentation technology creates innovative products that:

  • Use metabolite chemistry that works synergistically with the biology of the animal
  • Provide reliable performance with multiple, research-proven benefits
  • Offer sustainable alternatives based on natural raw materials and fermentation processes

Every Diamond V product has its own unique profile consisting of hundreds of bioactive metabolite compounds, which makes our products very different from single-compound type products.


There are no other products in the marketplace like Diamond V products.

*natural as defined by AAFCO