Farming to Fight Hunger™

Farming to Fight Hunger

Feeding a growing world

Farming to Fight Hunger is a non-profit organization formed in 2014 by a collaboration of industry leaders, including Diamond V, committed to making a difference in building a safe, sustainable food supply.

Farming to Fight Hunger exists to bridge the information gap between the public and modern agriculture on topics related to food insecurity and advancing technology that helps feed a growing world.

  • Educate the media, industries, and consumers about the impact of food insecurity.
  • Increase access to safe, sustainable, affordable food around the world.
  • Help all kids get enough to eat through local initiatives.
  • Tell the story of modern agriculture and how new science and technology advances can help keep hunger at bay.

Farming to Fight Hunger is working to combat the myths and misconceptions surrounding conventional agriculture to help communities know the truth about their food and how it is produced.

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Video: Making a difference in building a safe, sustainable food supply

In a recent segment from RFD-TV’s Market Day Report, Diamond V president Jeff Cannon and producer Mark Miller discuss their insider’s perspective on promoting an accurate vision of the important role of the modern agriculture industry.