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An inside look at Diamond V

Learn more about Diamond V’s leadership in research, expertise in fermentation technology, strategic priorities for a new era in global agriculture, and our 75 years of heritage.

Diamond V at 75

Diamond V at 75 »

“Diamond V at 75: Immune Strength for Life” celebrates 75 years serving customers worldwide with a video series for 2018 that highlights the company’s history, current initiatives and goals.

Tech Topics

Tech Topics »

From the fundamentals of rumen ecology to next generation fermentation technology to managing food safety risks, the experts at Diamond V have the technical knowledge you need.

Trusted Experts

The Trusted Experts »

Diamond V integrates multiple points of expertise and relationships to provide producers with a comprehensive suite of advisory services and planning assistance.

Research Commitment

Research Commitment »

New solutions to animal nutritional and health problems begin with significant investments in scientific research, technological innovation, advanced animal modeling, and testing in the real world.

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology »

Diamond V’s proprietary anaerobic fermentation technology, which cannot be replicated outside Diamond V, uses multiple microbial platforms to produce unique research-proven products.

Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment »

Diamond V manufactures all products for animals in its two plants in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where rigorous quality assurance ensures consistent, unmatched quality in all products.