Diamond V Products

Immune strength for all life stages

Diamond V products are the result of proprietary anaerobic fermentation technologies, developed and refined over more than 70 years and supported by ongoing research and development. These closely guarded processes generate unique, functional metabolites with proven beneficial effects on animal health and performance.

All Diamond V products are made in the U.S.A. in our own state-of-the-art, food grade manufacturing facilities. The Diamond V Quality System guarantees product quality, consistency, safety, and reliability. Neither the processes nor the products can be replicated outside Diamond V.

Diamond V products deliver predictable results to customers around the world. As trusted experts in nutrition and health, we invite you to learn more about our full range of products.

Species-Specific Products - Next Generation Technology

Species-Specific Products »

New challenges constantly emerge to impact animal nutrition and health, potentially affecting animal productivity, food safety, and farm profitability.

Diamond V’s Next Generation technology, including NaturSafe®, NutriTek®, SmartCare®, SynGenX® / Dia-V™ Nursery, and others, consist of natural*, fermentation-based technologies designed to address specific real-world challenges.

Original Products

Original Line »

Validated by extensive peer-reviewed research, Diamond V Original products represent “the one-and-only original” in the field of fermentation products for animal nutrition and health.

The Original line includes our standard (Original XPC™, Original XP™), OMRI™-listed (XPC™ Green and XP™ Green) and non-GMO (XPC™LS and XP™LS) products.

DiaMune Se

DiaMune® Line »

The DiaMune line of products combines the functional metabolites from Original XPC with the most available organic selenium, SelenoSource, in one convenient product for dairy cattle, poultry, and swine.

DiaMune products provide a complete feeding of Original XPC and SelenoSource when incorporated in complete diets.

SelenoSource AF

SelenoSource® Line »

SelenoSource is a premium source of organic selenium containing selenomethionine for maximum bioavailability. The selenomethionine content of SelenoSource is one of the highest in the market today.

Please note: SelenoSource is no longer available as a stand-alone product in the U.S. However, this quality source of organic selenium is a key component of DiaMune.

*natural as defined by AAFCO