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Download product profiles and material safety data sheets (MSDS) for Diamond V’s North America product line.

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Species-Specific Products »

Diamond V’s Next Generation technology consist of natural*, fermentation-based products designed to address specific real-world challenges in the swine, dairy, poultry, beef and aquaculture industries.



for beef cattle



for all dairy animals

LiquiCare RTU

LiquiCare® RTU

for beef and dairy



for dairy calves

SynGenX / Dia-V  Nursery

SynGenX® / Dia-V™ Nursery

for swine



for fish and shrimp



for poultry production challenges



for dogs and cats


Original Line »

Diamond V Original products represent “the one-and-only original” in the field of fermentation products for animal nutrition and health. Different Original products vary only in their concentration and listed source of materials.

Standard products:

All products in the Original line are manufactured using the same Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation technology platform with the same high standards of quality.

Original XPC Ultra

Original XPC Ultra

OMRI™-listed certified organic products:

XPC Green and XP Green offer all the features and quality present in our Original XPC product, but is specifically formulated for use in organic rations by virtue of the OMRI™ listing.


Non-GMO products:

XPCLS and XPLS offer all the features and quality present in our standard product, but is manufactured using non-GMO grains.

Direct-fed microbials:

XP™ DFM is an ideal combination of selected micro-organisms and enzymes, plus the proven advantages of Original XP.



DiaMune® Line »

The DiaMune Line of products combines the functional metabolites from Original XPC with our highly bioavailable organic selenium, SelenoSource, in one convenient product for all classes of dairy cattle, poultry, and swine.

DiaMune Se Dairy Formula

DiaMune Dairy Formula

DiaMune Se Poultry Formula

DiaMune Poultry Formula

DiaMune Se Swine Formula

DiaMune Swine Formula

SelenoSource® Line »

SelenoSource products are a premium source of organic selenium with a high selenomethionine content for maximum bioavailability.

Please note: SelenoSource is no longer available as a stand-alone product in the U.S. However, this quality source of organic selenium is a key component of DiaMune.

*natural as defined by AAFCO