Species-Specific Products

Next Generation Technology

New challenges constantly emerge to impact animal nutrition and health, potentially affecting animal productivity, food safety, and farm profitability. Finding solutions to new challenges begins with a significant investment in research and innovation.

Diamond V’s Next Generation products are designed to address specific real-world challenges in the swine, dairy, poultry, beef, and aquaculture industries.


TruMune™ »


TruMune, our natural*, grain-free pet food ingredient, supports digestive and immune health producing multiple benefits for our furry friends. Uniquely manufactured delivering a consistently quality product to trust in all pet food, treats, and supplements.


NaturSafe® »


NaturSafe is a natural*, non-antibiotic solution for beef cattle production. It is Diamond V’s most advanced immune support product specifically formulated to optimize beef cattle health and performance, antibiotic stewardship, and food safety.


NutriTek® »


NutriTek is Diamond V’s most advanced natural* nutritional health product for all dairy animals, providing a new level of support for optimal digestive health and balanced immune function.


LiquiCare® RTU »

Beef and Dairy

LiquiCare RTU is an immune health product designed to be used as a liquid drench for all classes of beef and dairy cattle and is intended to be used in conjunction with a daily feeding of Diamond V technologies.


SmartCare® »


SmartCare is a natural* nutritional health product for use with all types of pre-weaning liquid calf diets. SmartCare can be used in milk replacers or whole milk.

SynGenX / DiaV

SynGenX® / Dia-V™ Nursery »


SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery is a natural* nutritional health product for inclusion in feeds for young pigs, based on Diamond V’s proprietary Lactobacillus acidophilus anaerobic fermentation technology. It is specifically designed to promote gut health and productivity before, during, and after weaning.


AviCare® »


AviCare is a natural* nutritional health product for use in poultry drinking water during production challenges. AviCare’s liquid formulation is designed to support the health and well-being of birds when feed consumption may be suppressed.



Fish and Shrimp

DVAQUA is specifically designed for aquaculture diets to support survival and balanced immunity in both fish and shrimp. DVAQUA offers excellent sensory characteristics, particle size, and product stability for incorporation in nutritionally balanced aquaculture diets.

*natural as defined by AAFCO