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Commit to Change

As an industry, we’ve tried for decades, but certain health benchmarks have not moved. The time for advancement is now.

NaturSafe is a natural*, non-antibiotic solution for beef cattle production. It is Diamond V’s most advanced immune support product specifically formulated to optimize beef cattle health and performance, antibiotic stewardship, and food safety.

NaturSafe supports the advance of science for food production that is safe and sustainable. Research shows NaturSafe supports:

  • Optimal rumen and liver health
  • Overall health and immune function
  • Consistency of feed intake
  • Daily gain and feed conversion
  • Antibiotic effectiveness

The direction for future sustainability and profitability is here.

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Where to buy

Talk to your feed professional about adding NaturSafe to your beef nutrition regimen, or you can reach a Diamond V professional by phone or email.

Technical data



for beef cattle

*natural as defined by AAFCO