NutriTek is Diamond V’s most advanced natural* nutritional health product for all dairy animals.

Healthy herd. Total dairy performance.

Based on next generation fermentation technology, NutriTek is a novel product consisting of proven Diamond V functional metabolites and new fermentation compounds, which include additional antioxidants and polyphenols. These unique DV Bioactives™ work synergistically to support immunity, health, and performance.

Optimized rumen health and balanced immune function translates into healthy cows performing to their genetic potential. Research shows NutriTek supports:

  • Rumen health
  • Dry matter intake in early lactation
  • Maintenance of body weight
  • Efficient feed utilization
  • Milk production over entire lactation

Technical data [PDF]: Product Profile | Safety Data Sheet

What producers are saying….

“With NutriTek we did see milk production ramp up and the cows showed overall better health.”

NutriTek Producer Spotlight

Where to buy

To learn more about adding NutriTek to your animal nutrition regimen, contact a Diamond V North America sales representative or one of our dairy experts.


Diamond V embraces all applicable manufacturing regulations and proudly earns third-party certifications.

*natural as defined by AAFCO