Pre-weaning calf health and performance

SmartCare for Dairy Calves

SmartCare is a natural* nutritional health product for use with all types of pre-weaning liquid calf diets. SmartCare can be used in milk replacers or whole milk.

SmartCare consists of proven Diamond V functional metabolites and new fermentation metabolites with enhanced antioxidant capacity. These components work together to support calf immunity, health, and performance by:

  • Promoting a healthy balance of the gastrointestinal microbiota, which maximizes production of VFA (volatile fatty acid), including butyrate.
  • Providing high levels of antioxidants, which promotes a balanced immune system.
  • Optimizing rumen and intestinal morphology, which supports robust digestive health and calf performance.

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Technical data [PDF]: Product Profile | Safety Data Sheet

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Diamond V’s SmartCare is distributed by:

Calf Solutions

Calf Solutions

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Technical data



for dairy calves


*natural as defined by AAFCO