She’s going to give you the best years of her life.

Give her something simple to start.

SmartCare for Dairy Calves

SmartCare is a simple, proactive solution to calf health. From birth to weaning, SmartCare optimizes calf health while encouraging greater intake and growth. Optimal gut health, immunity, and lifetime performance all start with just one gram per day in whole milk or milk replacer.

Better gut health translates to better performing calves, and more productive cows. SmartCare supports:

  • Stronger calf immunity and health
  • Increased starter intake
  • Greater body weight gain
  • Better feed efficiency
  • Overall lifetime performance

Your calves are the most vulnerable animals on the dairy, and the most important part of your herd’s future. Give them a strong start with SmartCare, a simple solution to calf health. SmartCare is an important first step in the Diamond V calf care program, which includes NutriTek® and XPC® as part of complete heifer nutrition.

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Diamond V’s SmartCare is distributed by:

Calf Solutions

Calf Solutions

Phone: 920.849.2348

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