Piglet gut health and performance

SynGenX is a natural* nutritional health product specifically designed to promote gut health and productivity before, during, and after weaning.

The functional metabolites in SynGenX help promote the activity of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. The synbiotic-like activity (exerting both a prebiotic and probiotic dual-action effect) promotes butyrate production and supports a healthy bacterial balance to optimize immune function and overall health of the piglet.

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SynGenX - Trust Their Gut

What producers are learning….

An eastern Iowa producer recently tested SynGenX during October and November in commercial nursery barns with more than 2,500 pigs.

SynGenx Field Trial

Meeting production challenges

SynGenX - Next Generation Swine Technology

Overcoming today’s swine disease and stress challenges requires a healthy, stable gut environment under all conditions, during every phase of production. Healthy populations of beneficial gut bacteria help pigs resist stress and perform better.

Weaning is an especially stressful time. The transition from sow’s milk to dry feed can affect gut health problems, which is why Diamond V developed SynGenX.

The DV Bioactives in SynGenX promote the activity of beneficial bacteria in the young pig’s gastrointestinal tract. SynGenX supports butyrate production and a healthy bacterial balance to optimize overall health.

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Where to buy

Talk to your feed professional about adding SynGenX to your swine nutrition regimen, or you can reach a Diamond V professional by phone or email.

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*natural as defined by AAFCO