SynGenX®: Next Generation Swine Technology

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Trust their gut.

SynGenX is Diamond V’s nutritional health product for young pigs. Based on next generation Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation technology, SynGenX is a novel product composed of numerous functional metabolites. These DV Bioactives™ work synergistically to support piglet immunity, health, and performance.

SynGenX works naturally to support normal health in both conventional and antibiotic-free systems. The DV Bioactives in SynGenX increase beneficial bacteria and intestinal butyrate.

Research proves SynGenX helps:

  • Promote post-weaning health
  • Increase weight gain
  • Improve feed conversion

What producers are discovering….

SynGenX for piglet health - Trust Their Gut

SynGenX is helping to increase performance and support pig health in nurseries across the country.

An eastern Iowa producer recently tested SynGenX during October and November in commercial nursery barns with more than 2,500 pigs.

In this field trial, weaned pigs 19.5 days old were sourced from the same sow farm and reared in separate Control and SynGenX barns on the same farm. All pigs were PRRS and APP negative but mycoplasma positive. In the SynGenX barn, a swine flu outbreak provided an additional production challenge.

All the young pig diets contained spray-dried plasma, zinc at high levels, organic acids, and a bacillus direct-fed microbial product. The only difference in the diets was SynGenX.

This commercial study confirms SynGenX performance documented in controlled research trials. SynGenX supports normal gut structure and function in nursery pigs, which promotes overall health, wellness, and productivity.

Feeding SynGenX improves profitability during the nursery period, as shown in this study:

SynGenX - Diamond V's nutritional health product for young pigs
  • Average daily gain — increased 0.20 lb/d
  • Feed conversion — improved from 2.00 to 1.60
  • Post-weaning IOFC — $2.55 per pig

Improved gastrointestinal health translates into better performing pigs that are more capable of reaching their genetic potential.