Every day use provides…Immune strength for all life stages

Our latest pet food ingredient innovation — TruMune — is Diamond V’s most advanced, natural immune health product specifically for use in dog and cat diets. New dual-action supports both immune function and digestive health for optimal pet health and wellness.

The bioactive compounds in TruMune work naturally with the biology of the animal to maintain immune strength, support digestive tissue integrity, and promote a healthy microbial balance. Research demonstrates multiple benefits.

TruMune powers the potential of the immune system for:


Greater mobility

Higher activity levels

Overall health, wellness, vitality


Pet food manufacturers must serve increasingly diverse and demanding customers around the world. The variety of products is huge and continues to grow. At Diamond V, we’re constantly searching for innovative, natural*, nutritional health solutions that optimize health, wellness, and vitality.

Research proven TruMune meets the need to support immune function and digestive health in all types of complete pet foods and treats, manufactured in all types of conventional pet food facilities.

Reqeust the Research

Are you a pet parent?

TruMune™ is a natural pet food ingredient found in many well-known brands, made by professionals.* It’s simple: an advanced, natural health product for your four-legged friends that promotes more healthy days. Click here for more information.

*natural as defined by AAFCO