Research and Innovation Center

Advancing animal science and technology

Diamond V’s Research and Innovation Center (RIC), located on Kirkwood College’s agriculture campus in Cedar Rapids, includes a state-of-the-art bioscience laboratory and a multi-species animal research facility.

Diamond V Research and Innovation Center - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The RIC represents a precedent-setting partnership between education and industry that enables the college to expand enrollment in their veterinary technician and animal health programs. Diamond V benefits from an on-site veterinarian, students in career training, and the availability of animals to supply our in-house animal research screening studies.

Science and technology for new solutions

Using innovative metabolic modeling techniques and cutting-edge analytical equipment, Diamond V scientists develop new concepts to improve animal health and performance. Diamond V’s analytical team, located at the RIC, takes science beyond the bench-top and animal studies into the manufacturing facility and out to full-scale product testing.

Diamond V researchers specialize in a wide range of critical fields, including nutrition in multiple species, digestive physiology, immunology, chemistry and biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, fermentation technology, production scale-up, and downstream processing, handling, and storage.

Research quality control

Diamond V researchers plan and execute research projects following our exclusive Animal Study Best Practices (ASBP). ASBP is our global scientific quality standard for designing, conducting, monitoring, recording, auditing, analyzing and reporting animal studies.

ASBP guides the conduct of animal studies to ensure accuracy, integrity, and usability of data to meet specific study, product, program and company research and development objectives. Controlled research takes place at the RIC and in universities and contract research organizations worldwide.