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As a leading global nutrition and health company, Diamond V works with animal producers and companies worldwide to ensure safe and sustainable food production. We provide research-proven products and expert technical guidance to support animal nutrition and health around the world.

Dairy Nutrition & Health

Dairy Nutrition & Health »

Dairy producers today face nutrition, health, and management challenges on a daily basis. They need real-world solutions to achieve healthier cows, improved production efficiency, and greater dairy enterprise profitability.

Beef Nutrition & Health

Beef Nutrition & Health »

Success in every type of beef operation builds on a foundation of good nutrition and rumen health. Stresses impact cattle health and performance throughout the production cycle.

Poultry Nutrition & Health

Poultry Nutrition & Health »

Today’s integrated poultry production companies require pre-harvest food safety technologies that improve risk management and bird health while providing a solid return on investment.

Swine Nutrition & Health

Swine Nutrition & Health »

Improved gut health and a balanced immune system help pigs perform to their genetic potential in every phase of production, especially the critical phases of gestation, farrowing, weaning, and nursery growth.

Equine Nutrition & Health

Equine Nutrition & Health »

Horses of all classes, types, and life stages can benefit from improved digestive function — higher, more consistent performance, quicker recovery from stress or injury, and better appearance.

Aquaculture Nutrition & Health

Aquaculture Nutrition & Health »

Optimizing digestive health and non-specific immunity results in better aquaculture survival rates and production efficiency, which in turn supports profitability in aquaculture operations.

Pet Nutrition & Health

Pet Nutrition & Health »

Pet parents love their dogs and cats and want them to be healthy inside and out. Our effective, natural* products support digestive health and the immune system and are designed to help pet food manufacturers meet customer demands.

Small Ruminant Nutrition & Health

Small Ruminant Nutrition & Health »

Manufacturers of animal nutrition and health products serve an increasingly diverse and demanding customer base worldwide. The vast variety of products continues to grow and includes dietary supplements for deer and small ruminants like sheep and goats.

Embria Health Sciences

Embria Health Sciences »

Embria is a division of Diamond V focused on developing and manufacturing natural*, science-based ingredients that support human wellness and vitality.

*natural as defined by AAFCO