AQUACULTURE Nutrition and Health

Balanced immunity™ for health and performance

Survival rates for fish and shrimp in aquaculture production can range from 30-80%, depending on species cultured, disease challenge, production system, and geographical location around the world. As little as five percent difference in survival rate in an aquaculture operation can make the difference between profit and loss.


Dietary supplementation to improve intestinal function and balance the immune system can increase survival rates in fish and shrimp. Research shows improved intestinal function and a balanced immune system correlate with:

  • Health and disease resistance
  • Yield and survivability
  • Feed digestibility and efficiency

DVAQUA® is specifically designed for aquaculture diets, including diets for fresh water and marine fish, cold and warm water fish, and shrimp. DVAQUA supports robust digestive health by optimizing intestinal function and balancing the immune system.

DVAQUA is not a single compound, but rather a unique natural fermentation product composed of numerous beneficial metabolites. Product particle size and stability meet the needs of modern aquaculture feed processing technology, including steam conditioning, pelleting, and extrusion. DVAQUA remains stable under adverse storage conditions, including subtropical and tropical climates.

Optimizing digestive health and non-specific immunity results in better aquaculture survival rates and production efficiency, which in turn supports profitability in aquaculture operations.

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DVAQUA is specifically designed for aquaculture diets to support survival and balanced immunity in both fish and shrimp. DVAQUA offers excellent sensory characteristics, particle size, and product stability for incorporation in nutritionally balanced aquaculture diets.

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Diamond V DVAQUA works in a wide range of diets for both fish and shrimp. Talk to your feed professional about adding DVAQUA to your fish or shrimp nutrition regimen, or contact Diamond V today — our sales and technical service advisors are ready to answer your questions.