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Equine Nutrition & Health

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Horses of all classes, types, and life stages can benefit from improved digestive function. Optimal digestive function supports higher, more consistent performance, quicker recovery from stress or injury, and better appearance.

Research correlates improved digestive function and a balanced immune system with:

  • Feed digestibility and efficiency
  • Performance and recovery
  • Health and wellness

Equine digestion starts with enzymes in the saliva and small intestine and continues in the cecum and hindgut. Beneficial bacteria then ferment undigested materials enabling absorption of more nutrients. Optimizing growth of these microbes helps maintain a healthy and resilient hindgut environment while supporting immune health.

Every horse can benefit

The unique metabolites in Diamond V Original products support robust digestive health by balancing gut microbiota and the immune system while optimizing gut morphology. The prebiotic activity of Original XPC™ helps nurture hindgut microbial populations, while the antioxidant activity improves immune function.

Research shows that improved digestive function and a balanced immune system benefits all classes, types, and life stages — resulting in healthy horses performing to their genetic potential.

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Diamond V Original products work for all classes, types and life stages of horses. That’s why professional trainers rely on Diamond V.

Talk with your local feed professional about adding arena-tested and research-proven Diamond V Original product to your equine nutrition regimen, or contact Diamond V today — our equine advisors are ready to answer your questions.