SMALL RUMINANT Nutrition and Health

Diverse species, wide range of applications

Today, manufacturers of animal nutrition and health products serve an increasingly diverse and demanding customer base worldwide. The variety of products is huge and growing, for example dietary supplements for deer and small ruminants like sheep and goats. For more than 75 years, Diamond V has been creating natural* products to help improve animal health and performance in many species.  
  Whether producing meat or milk, sheep and goat producers face nutrition, health, and management challenges on a daily basis. They need real-world solutions to achieve healthier animals, improved production efficiency, and overall enterprise profitability. Stresses occur throughout small ruminant production cycles that affect health and performance. Diamond V’s unique technologies support herd health and performance year-round, in every phase of production, preparing sheep and goats prior to the onset of any challenge. Small Ruminant Nutrition and Health Research around the world shows that Diamond V Original XPC™ helps improve performance and profitability in sheep and goats, measured by the following parameters:
  • Average daily gain
  • Overall feed efficiency
  • Meat yield with fewer days to slaughter
  • Starter feed intake and rumen development
  • Milk production

Rumen health and immune function

Improved rumen function and a balanced immune system helps ensure productive sheep and goats, healthy and fast-growing lambs and kids, and meat and dairy animals that perform to their genetic potential. Diamond V’s Original products create a natural foundation for sheep and goat performance by providing the critical nutritional support needed to optimize rumen health and performance.  
  Success in growing and managing trophy deer builds on a foundation of good nutrition and rumen health. Deer must have a properly balanced diet with adequate energy, protein, and trace minerals. Deer Nutrition and Health However, in order for deer to perform to their genetic potential, they also need critical nutritional support that improves rumen health and efficiency. Research shows improved rumen function in deer correlates with:
  • Antler development
  • Body weight
  • Feed utilization
  • Milk production
  • Reproductive efficiency
  • Overall health
Antler size, body weight, and reproductive efficiency are all dependent upon a healthy and properly functioning digestive system. Diamond V Original products are research-proven in whitetail deer to help optimize rumen health and function, helping them achieve peak efficiency and genetic potential.

Rumen health and function

Optimal deer nutrition requires an adequate supply of nutrients available for maintenance, muscle accretion, antler growth, fetal development, and milk production. Microbes in the deer rumen digest feedstuffs, including forages and browse, thus releasing energy, amino acids, B-vitamins, and other nutrients. Maintaining a healthy population of rumen microbes ensures that deer are better able to utilize the feedstuffs they consume. Year-round feeding of Diamond V Original products to bucks, does, and fawns is recommended for improved digestive performance, antler growth, and milk production. To achieve optimum results during antler growth, breeding season, and other times of stress, increased feeding rates are recommended. Whether gauging success in terms of antler measurement, body weight, or reproductive efficiency, each is dependent upon is a healthy and properly functioning digestive system. Diamond V Original products provide optimal support for the digestive systems of bucks, does, and fawns, while also supporting overall herd health.  

Make smart, science-based decisions

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*natural as defined by AAFCO