SWINE Nutrition and Health

Balanced immunity™ for health and performance

Overcoming today’s swine disease and stress challenges requires a healthy, stable gut environment under all conditions, during every phase of production. Healthy populations of beneficial gut bacteria help pigs resist stress and perform better.

Swine Nutrition and Health

Diamond V’s unique product technologies support swine health and performance throughout the production cycle. These natural technologies have multiple modes of action that promote beneficial bacteria in the gut, improve overall gut integrity, and support a balanced immune system.

Research correlates a more efficient immune system and a healthier gut with:

  • Production performance
  • Feed efficiency
  • Health and wellness

Many diseases and performance-related issues impact the sow and her piglets. Others occur after weaning. Diamond V provides product solutions for every phase of production. In addition, Diamond V Swine Advisors identify opportunities to optimize swine health and performance.

SynGenX / DiaV

Weaning is an especially stressful time. The transition from sow’s milk to dry feed can affect gut health problems, which is why Diamond V developed SynGenX® / Dia-V™ Nursery using novel fermentation technology.

The unique metabolites promote the activity of beneficial bacteria in the young pig’s gastrointestinal tract. The synbiotic nature (exerting a dual-action effect similar to prebiotics and probiotics) supports butyrate production and a healthy bacterial balance to optimize overall health.

SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery helps the piglet during weaning. Research has shown SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery supports:

  • Feed intake
  • Weight gain
  • Gut health and wellness


Diamond V’s Sow Program consists of Original XPC™ as the foundation to support robust digestive health by balancing the immune system and gut microbiota while optimizing gut morphology.

Original XPC Metabolite Advantage

The prebiotic-like activity of Original XPC helps promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the lower gastrointestinal tract, while the antioxidant activity helps optimize immune function.

Improved gastrointestinal health translates into better performing pigs that are more capable of reaching their genetic potential.

Research shows that Original XPC supports improvements in:

  • Litter weaning weight
  • Number of pigs weaned
  • Sow health and wellness


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Make smart, science-based decisions

Disease susceptibility of young pigs calls greater attention to the need for optimal immune health before and after weaning. Peer-reviewed research supports the use of Diamond V Original XPC in the sow herd and SynGenX / Dia-V Nursery in piglets.

Talk to your local feed dealer about adding Diamond V products to your swine nutrition regimen, or contact Diamond V today — our swine advisors are ready to answer your questions.